Downtown Contained Waste/Sewer System Project

Currently, the village of Royal is in the process of planning and implementing the installation of a contained waste management system to manage the downtown business district. The village board has identified a need to update the antiquated waste systems that currently exist in the downtown area. In order to meet standards put in place by the Champaign County Health Department, and cost, it is very difficult for existing and new business owners to complete this process on their own. Many of the businesses are landlocked and have no room to even consider an option for upgrades to their own waste systems. We are currently seeking assistance to help with these concerns from government grants and other beneicial ways to fund this project. We see our community growing with families with young children; coming to enjoy our community and our wonderful school system. We feel this project is crucial in investing in our communities future and its citizens.

By promoting businesses within the Village of Royal, revenues would increase thus promoting the repair and maintenance of our infrastructure and the vibrancy of our village as well as Champaign County. We would also be a pioneering community in contained waste/sewer systems for Champaign County as well as the State of Illinois. There are multiple small communities in Champaign County struggling with the same issues as we are. Piloting this system would not only bring the Village of Royal current with health department regulations, but would also lead the way for other municipalities within Champaign County.